Thursday, June 28, 2012

Design Inspiration

What a way to enter a house! Love this entryway!

Bright, bold and fantastic! Looks like a secret garden!

This dining room is so warm and comforting...totally my style!

How amazing is that light pendant!? 

I have been scrolling through design blogs and maggies this past week trying to dig up some inspiration for our house. Lately, my design inspiration has gotten a bit stale, but I think I may have found some fabulous ideas! 
Where do you go for design inspiration?



  1. great inspirations! I use other design blogs, elledecor,lonny mag, interest, houzz, bh&g, hgtv, the list goes on!

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  3. I love the secret garden room, would be such a magical and mystical room for a little girl!

  4. I absolutely love that entry way. Definitely saving this picture for some home inspiration if I ever find a house. xo

  5. Hi Cara,

    That bedroom always gets me to stop in my tracks, it is just so pretty, would make a great guest room. And that pink chandelier and copper modern one are fab too, love them both!
    For design inspiration I find it in blogs, magazines, peaking into other peoples windows ;) and just out and about.


  6. pinterest! completely addicted and bursting with ideas ;) lovely shots.

  7. That's all so gorgeous! I usually use Pinterest for inspiration!

  8. What amazing stairs! I have to get some! ;) You're right, these are great ideas!

  9. Such a great interior design inspiration...

  10. wow awesome showcase!I really appreciate the work you have put to make this amazing layout..Great job done keep it up!!!

  11. Impressed by the interior design. Great work, keep it up!


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