Thursday, November 15, 2012

Shop Love

Baby Onesi Collection

These last few months of my pregnancy have consisted of lots and lots of online shopping and discovering new little shops and blogs. One shop that caught my eye is Atsuyo Et Akiko. The shop is based in Brooklyn, where they combine fashion and art. One of my biggest pet peeves about baby clothing is too many graphics, or sayings like "Mommy's Little Princess." My friends and family would be shocked that I am posting about baby onesies that have writing on it, but for some reason these are different. Check out the rest of the shop- they have really cute stuff- very hipster chic


  1. I'm with you...hate those word ones you speak of- these are fabulous- will definitely check out the site!

  2. OMG these are soooooo cute!! I would love a little one to buy all of this cute stuff for. Love the Paris one!! You are going to have to coolest baby in town! xo


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