Monday, December 10, 2012

Trending: Men's Rolex Watches on Women??

A growing trend in watches is for many women to be rocking Men's watches. Particularly Men's luxury watches such as Rolex. I believe this is due to the fact that manufacturers are making watches bigger and bigger and that they limit the women's sizes to a certain size. As a result, many celebrities (including Charlize Theron) have been seen donning oversize men's watches. I'm kind of liking - I guess if you're going to be rocking a Rolex, you might as well make it a "larger" part of the outfit. I think especially with a classic watch like a Rolex, it will pretty much go with any outfit. With the addition of diamonds, it really adds some "bling". 

Many people think that Rolex watches are out of reach in terms of pricing. What they don't realize is that the used Rolex market is booming and you can pick one up for up to 60% off retail. Swiss Wrist is one of these sellers that sells hundreds of watches a year, procuring from a number of sources worldwide and verifying authenticity.

Whether you're looking for a Men's Rolex Datejust or a sportier Rolex Submariner like the one Charlize Theron is rocking in the pic (New Price: $8,550 - available at Swiss Wrist for $5,225), Swiss Wrist is the site to check out.

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