Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Truth and The Diet

Like most people, I start every new year with a plan to get healthy, exercise more, and a diet. For the past five years I have been doing an annual new years cleanse. The "old" cleanse that I used to do (you can read about it here) was great, for a week, but then I would go right back to my old lifestyle. This new cleanse that I am starting is 30 day cleanse, but then has a maintenance program, so it is not just a "diet" it is a lifestyle change; which is exactly what I need for Operation Body Comeback.

See, to get back to my "old" body, it is going to take more then just a one week "cleanse." Everyone is different. Some new moms bounce right back immediately after giving birth, and some mom's extra weight lingers for a few months and maybe even years. So here it goes, here is my truth, and the plan I have in store to get back to my pre-baby self.

(Me here at my baby shower, a week shy of 9 months preg, yeesh)

Truth: I gained 35 pounds during my pregnancy. I lost 20 pounds within the first two weeks. The plan is to lose 30 pounds (the 15 pounds of extra baby weight, and an additional 15 pounds that I wanted to lose last year before I got pregnant!) I am giving myself about 2-4 months to achieve this goal, and then the long term goal is to stay fit and gain muscle definition. If it takes me longer to achieve this goal, that is ok, but I want to be pretty aggressive about it.

The Plan: I started changing my diet during my pregnancy and incorporated Isagenix shakes for the balanced nutrition that I could not get from food. Because I was used to the shakes, it was easy for me to transition into the 30 day cleanse. I started the cleanse Sunday, and so far I would like to report that I am feeling more energized, and definatly not starving! As for excerise, I took a 40 minute walk with Chloe yesterday (which I will continue, weather permitting) and doing the Post Pregnancy Tracy Anderson DVD. The DVD takes about 30 minutes to complete (totally do-able!). 

The Diet: Just to get an idea of how a typical day goes on the Isagenix cleanse; Start the day with a shot of Ionix Supreme ( a natural energy booster, using all natural ingredients, and NO caffeine). Breakfast is a vanilla or chocolate shake (no green muck here!) filled with all of the protein and vitamins to keep you satisfied until your mid-morning snack. Lunch is another shake, and Dinner is a balanced meal of about 400-600 calories. There is more to the 30 day cleanse that I will go into detail another day.

So there you have it! What is your truth, and what is your plan? Don't have a plan? Join me!!! I would love some company!

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