Thursday, March 7, 2013

9 Years.

Every year I have been writing a little tribute blog to my dad. This year is different, because I am now writing this post as a "parent." Now I know why my dad worked so hard, why his family was everything to him, why he tried to teach us as much as he could. Why he tried to guide us. I miss his guidance the most. He was the person who always had the "answer."


Your first granddaughter was born this year. She was born on Thanksgiving Day, and boy has she been a blessing. I am sure you already know that, and I am sure that you held her in heaven before she was born. I will teach her what you taught me. I will teach her about you, and that her grandpa Ralphie is in heaven watching over her everyday. He will always protect her, because he is her guiding angel. We love and miss you so much!

Kisses to heaven,
Cara, Kevin, and Chloe Renee


  1. Cara Angela,

    I can't not believe it's really been 9 years since Dad peacefully went to heaven. Every year on March 7th I have to count the years over again because I never really remember what year we were at last. Time floats by quickly and its scary but also a blessing because time has given you a beautiful life with your newest "edition" Chloe "R"enee. (R for Ralph, Kevin:) I can't wait to tell Chloe girl all about Daddy and how amazing he was as a teacher and guider in our lives.

    Love you so much,
    your favorite sister Geena

  2. It must be very hard to live without your Dad especially since you are a parent now;
    I do believe in God and that we will see our beloved after we pass away,
    this is a very consoling thought.
    Love, Louisa.

  3. that face. your dad would be so proud. love you

  4. incredibly touching...he is watching.

  5. what a special post...i am sure your dad is watching over you all and your girl is beautiful!

  6. Beautiful post and beautiful babe . . . congratulations. New to your blog and loving it. Stop by and say hello sometime; i love meeting fellow mama bloggers!

  7. ok i just cried big time!!!!


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