Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Chloe's Picks

Chloe's first birthday is next Friday- and Christmas is right around the corner- so I started thinking- "What do you get a one year old?"

chloe's picks

  1. Chloe loves to hide under tables- so this tee-pee is calling her name! 
  2. She has the book, so why not have the Angelina Ballerina doll to go with it
  3. LOVE the little fringe booties!
  4. Last winter Chloe wore her cozy white sweater everyday! This one is adorable- love the blue and pink stripe
  5. Everyone needs a pom pom hat
  6. The Gap makes the best onzies
  7. Chloe loves stripes- this is peplum sweater is adorbs
  8. These bibs are perfect for a #princessbaby
  9. I still haven't found a better option for warth and comfort then Uggs
  10. Pink velour skinnies!
  11. Bunny Ruffle Top
  12. Have you seen anything cuter then these Cheetah Booties??!!

Moms- I need your help! Chloe started walking last week and I am in search of some everyday walking shoes...any suggestions?!

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